Our Team

Team leader is responsible for being a leadership resource to team members, providing knowledge, experience, motivation, support and advice. This whats the ket at Kinza Foods, leader is responsible for knowing proper procedures for workers to follow and ensuring that they comply. The team is called upon to share special industry techniques on how to use tools and equipment, or tips on how to improve quality or speed of production. The production team leader encourages team effort and supportive attitudes between workers.

Sales team has its own goals to explore new markets and develop new avenues of business to offer nutritious & superior quality of food products to our consumers in order to maximize their utility in terms of demand, customer services and achieve the consistent and continuous growth in the market.

Chaudhry Naeem Ahmed
Chief Executive Officer

Kashif Naeem

Business Development Manager

Atif Naeem

Executive Finance Officer

Amjad Tanveer

Marketing Executive

Khuraam Zahoor

Logistics & Distribution Manager